what is astrology?

Astrology has been practiced for many centuries. It is a system that suggests there is a relationship between the positions and movements of celestial bodies, such as stars and planets, and events and experiences on Earth. Astrologers study the positions and aspects of these celestial bodies at the time of a person's birth and use this information to interpret their personality traits, life path, and future prospects. Astrology has been practiced in various forms by different cultures throughout history. Western astrology, one of the oldest astrological systems can trace its roots to 19th-17th century BCE Mesopotamia

what is the difference betweek vedic and western astrology?

Vedic astrology and Western astrology are two distinct systems of astrology with different origins, techniques, and principles.

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish, is a traditional system of astrology originating in ancient India. It uses the sidereal zodiac, which is based on the actual positions of the constellations in the sky, and divides the zodiac into 27 lunar mansions or nakshatras. Vedic astrology also considers the positions of the planets at the time of a person's birth, as well as the individual's karma, or past actions and deeds.

Western astrology, on the other hand, originated in ancient Greece and Rome and uses the tropical zodiac, which is based on the seasons rather than the actual positions of the constellations. Western astrology divides the zodiac into 12 signs of equal 30-degree segments, each associated with a different constellation. Western astrology also considers the positions of the planets at the time of a person's birth, but does not typically incorporate the concept of karma.

There are also differences in the techniques and methods used by Vedic and Western astrologers. Vedic astrology, for example, places a greater emphasis on the use of dashas or planetary periods, as well as the use of specific remedies and rituals to mitigate negative influences. Western astrology tends to focus more on the psychological and personality traits of individuals, and may use different techniques such as progressions and transits to analyze and predict future events.

how can astrologer help to improve your life?

Astrologer can help people gain insight into their personality traits, life path, and future prospects based on the positions of celestial bodies at the time of their birth. By understanding these factors, an astrologer can help individuals make informed decisions about their personal and professional lives, and identify areas where they may face challenges or opportunities for growth.

what is the most frequent question to ask an astrologer?

  Self-awareness is our ability to perceive and understand the things that make us who we are as an individual. By studying your birth chart, an astrologer can help you gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies. This knowledge can help you make better decisions in your personal and professional life, and improve your relationships with others.